[Video] Common Courtesies When Visiting a Car Dealership

When you show up to purchase a new car from a dealership, there are some common courtesies that you should follow. These courtesies help you get the best deal and help the dealership sell you a car. Here are 4 (un)common courtesies that you should follow when you visit a car dealership.

  1. Don't come to the dealership 15-20 mins before they close and want to test drive a car.

  2. Please don't bring your kids to the dealership if you don't have control over them. If you do, great, bring them in!

  3. Don't put a deposit on a car you're really not interested in. Don't tie up the car for someone else that might truly want it.

  4. Don't tell us you need to talk to someone to make the decision. Be honest with us but more importantly, be honest with yourself, tell us the truth. We're humans too, you know.

As a customer, you should expect that each of your communications with a dealership should be handled in a professional manner. We hope our tips on how to be courteous towards a car salesperson will help you find the best deal and get the best service possible.

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