3 Tips to Buying a Car [Industry insider tips]

In this video, I share with you 3 not-so-common tips when it comes to buying your next car. I strongly believe in the 5 P's, prior preparation prevents poor performance. The more prepared you are when you enter a dealership, the more leverage you're going to have when working out the details on the deal you sign for.

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The three tips I walk you through in detail in this video are:

  1. Know the market conditions and how they're currently affecting the manufacturer of the car you're wanting to buy.

  2. Know the value of your trade-in, inside and out. The more you know about the car you're trading in, the condition, the value, etc., the more leverage you're going to have in the negotiation process (secret tip, everything is a negotiation)

  3. Understand your credit and how much you're approved for BEFORE going into the dealership. This is called getting 'pre-approved'. This will give you leverage in the deal, show the salesperson you mean business, and make the entire process as efficient as possible for everyone involved, and you'll likely get the best deal available to you because you're PREPARED 💡